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emotionally compromised by multiple fictional characters


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I’m very happy. I’m very intolerant of sexism and playing irrelevant female characters. If I don’t matter to the story, to the solving or the saving of the day, then why the fuck am I here, because it’s no reflection of any woman that I know or the woman that I am. —Zoe Saldana, on being asked whether she’s glad she’s playing such an empowered character in Guardians of the Galaxy. SFX issue 250, published 25/06/2014.  (via fuckyeahladiesofthemcu)

The Maze Runner sequel The Scorch Trials concept art revealed at sdcc panel {x}

you are the last thing a warrior should be: dead


*snapchats and texts the same person at the same time*


petition for dylan to have his hair like this all the time.


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god it’s season one all over again

derek intimidating underage boys in the locker room

scott willing to literally die for lacrosse

I hope jackson shows up and hits garett with his porsche

my boyfriend is currently watching supernatural on his own accord without me forcing him too, my hard work and persistence has paid off

I feel like a proud mum


you just KNOW that with jim kirk’s first child, bones plans to spend hours and hours and hours with that baby saying “dammit, jim” over and over and over again to up the odds that those are baby’s first words

Dylan O’Brien at the Young Hollywood Awards